1 for You, 1 for Others.
That's 1FOR1.

For every purchase, we give to a group in need.


Every time an organization purchases licenses for their team, SustainOnline automatically matches that purchase by giving an equal amount of licenses charitable organizations, NGO’s, and projects working towards humanitarian and ecologically sustainable causes, those who incorporate sustainability into their development programs, or are located in a developing country. 

Why? Because 1FOR1 takes actions towards addressing the global need for sustainability knowledge and actions.

Can we help you?

Apply by sending us your information and we’ll be in touch. 


What We Do Best

It is clear that companies need well-defined guidelines and an efficient approach on how to integrate sustainability into their business models. That’s where we step in. 

Our Academy empowers people to develop the knowledge, skills, and values to act in ways which contribute to a more sustainable way of living, both socially and ecologically.

Supported Initiatives

Let us help you so we can then help others. Every time a license is sold, one is added to our grant bucket. Organizations around the world submit applications to receive licenses. These are non-profit organizations, or organizations with a mission towards sustainability, to help those in need, to learn more about sustainability and sustainable development of societies and industries.

Where We Are Helping

Many organizations around the world receive licenses courtesy of paid purchases. Currently, we are working with a Swiss social bank to address micro – small businesses in order to bundle SustainOnline with the offering of micro-loans for sustainable-minded businesses. 

We issue grants quarterly and enjoy highlighting your efforts to make the world a better place.