Digital Learning Through Micro-Courses


The way people learn is drastically changing, as digital technologies are re-shaping our attention spans. That’s why SustainOnline has designed our courses to fit within a 2-12 minute attention span.

The world is changing at a rate never seen before. Perhaps Bob Dylan sang it best when he wrote his 1963 classic, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. Keeping up with the trends is nearly impossible, as news is instantly shared, changing industries every single day. The amount of new information and change in industry is so rapid that books are basically out of date by the time the book is placed on the market. Simply put, the traditional ways of learning, through academic books and newspapers, is rapidly deteriorating, as more and more information is available digitally.

Digital learning has many benefits. With digital learning, people can read right on the screen, and print it out if they want to, with content being generated and published at the click of a button. Most importantly, digital learning content is kept up to date, allowing for the newest information to be available. With the growing availability of technology around the world, in addition to 30% lower production costs, digital learning is solidifying itself as a key part of the future.

Digital learning allows for a better understanding of the presented content. In addition to diagrams and pictures found in print materials, digital learning includes videos, animations, online quizzes, and other new ways to further educate. One of the biggest strengths of digital learning is through the concept of micro-courses, or bite-size learning. In a report by Training Industry, it was discovered that “distributed/bite-size learning delivered by e-learning can increase information transfer by 17% and results in greater understanding, application and retention than a day long equivalent.”

Micro-courses help improve the way that work is done because of their time factor. That’s why SustainOnline micro-courses are between three – 12 minutes. With SustainOnline’s courses, an entire company can learn how to turn waste into resources and reduce expenses in less than a week. Personal development courses help to improve the workplace, increase ROI and improve employee morale and engagement.

 “Raymour & Flanigan … found that its employees had completed 160,000 lessons in 2017 alone, and 70 percent of these employees said their micro-learning experiences contributed to their growth into leadership positions.” – Cornerstone On Demand

So, when looking to implement a new process or procedure in a company, it’s easier and quicker to teach it in micro-sessions as opposed to long meetings. By doing it digitally, it increases productivity by allowing staff to do it when the time is best for them.  That’s why SustainOnline has designed our courses in the way that we have: quick, easy, flexible, and retainable. By making them digital, it allows us to keep our costs down, giving access to our platform for 1 Euro / Employee / Month. 


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