From Linear To Circular: An ACADEMY Theme


Explore a strategic shift from a linear way of managing resources to a circular approach. It is a shift where business becomes more competitive by keeping materials and products in use longer through long-lasting design, reuse, repair, remanufacturing, recycling, and innovative business models.

You hear it time and time again: all you need to fix the broken coffee machine is a small piece of plastic that costs close to nothing, but you can’t buy it, so you have to throw the whole thing out and get a new one. Your cellphone works perfectly fine, except you need a new battery so it’ll last a bit longer, yet you can’t replace the part, so you have to get a new one.

Take. Make. Waste. Our current linear system of operating is devastating to our resources, requiring extensive work to make something and use it just once or for a limited time. Transitioning our systems to circular processes allows for materials and products to last much longer, allowing for easier repair, remanufacturing, reusing, and recycling.

From Linear to Circular includes the courses:

  • From Linear to Circular – Going circular: a sustainable way of creating greater value for business and society.

  • The Skills of Circular Business – Find out what skills are needed when switching to a circular business approach.

  • How You Can Contribute – Explore what you can do to contribute to the shift towards circularity.

  • Indicators for Circularity – Four things to measure when going circular.

  • Characteristics of Circular Products – Find out how product design can contribute to the circular system.

  • Design for Longevity – Explore the advantages of creating a product that will last.

  • Design for Sharing – See how design can contribute to a successful sharing solution.

  • Design for Disassembly – Reduce costs and simplify product handling by designing for disassembly.

  • Introduction to Business Models – Five types of business models that offer ways of increasing competitiveness and creating business value.

  • Pooling – the potential benefits of pooling solutions.

  • Product Take-Back- How could your company make the most of a take-back solution?

  • Leasing – Discover the potential benefits of leasing solutions for business.

Businesses that are working towards a more circular future are preparing for the resources and demands of tomorrow. The future is circular.


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