Future-Fit Business Benchmark: An ACADEMY Theme


The Future-Fit Business Benchmark proposes a new approach for companies to define and measure success beyond the traditional financial criteria. Based on a scientific definition of how nature and society work, it indicates 23 Break-Even Goals that any company, independent of its size or sector, must reach to thrive.

The need for businesses to act more sustainably is emphasized more than ever before. Different frameworks and reporting initiatives are being introduced to be able to address specific needs by organizations and industries. Future-Fit Business Benchmark (FFBB) is a new approach to help companies define and measure sustainability success beyond traditional financial criteria, giving an understandable roadmap to help guide organizations.

FFBB indicates 23 “Break-Even Goals” for a company to move towards sustainability. Using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, created by The Natural Step International, FFBB lays out a framework for any business, big or small, in which to operate within to achieve sustainable success.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Future-Fit – Learn the fundamentals of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and the 23 Future-Fit Goals.

  • Future-Fit Goals 1 – 23 (23 courses) – Learn in-depth about each goal and how it works.

  • Future-Fit: Positive Pursuits – Understand how Positive Pursuits can help your business step further and make effective contributions to society’s future-fitness.

  • Measuring Future-Fit Goals – Learn the methods used in the Company Insights Tool to measure progress towards the Future-Fit Goals.

 Is your company future-fit? After better understanding these courses, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make your organization operating within the 23 goals provided by the FFBB.


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