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How to Choose a UN Sustainable Development Goal Your Company Should Commit to


What is sustainable development goals?

Despite the fact that the concept of the SDG is widely discussed nowadays, there are still a lot of people who know nothing about it.

Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the UN and include 17 sustainable development goals, which are like a cornerstone of our sustainable and stable future. In addition, the above-mentioned goals have 169 particular targets, which are just as important. The implementation of the United Nations sustainable development goals leads to the improvement of living conditions, development of the economy, and civil society.

The UN gives comprehensive guidelines on how to assess your current input and work towards the improvement of sustainability metrics. The dedicated World Bank Group Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs Fund) was created to promote best practices and ensure knowledge sharing.

Why Are Sustainable Development Goals 2030 So Important?

The era of globalization has already changed the main challenges for humanity. A separate country cannot solve the problem of global warming or stop all wars. However, the whole global community is able to stop poverty, hunger, lack of justice or can protect lives on land or below water.

Global goals for sustainable development highlight problems that require united actions. The cooperation of the developing and developed countries, enormous corporations and small entrepreneurs, the government and ordinary people - is the only way to attain sustainable development for all.

Why Should Your Company Commit to an SDG?

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Although the number of companies that aligned their corporate goals with SDGs is not too large, lots of leaders of markets have already expressed their zeal to invest in our future.

Business and sustainable development are tightly bound. If you invest money in sustainable development, you invest money in your business, your clients, and your future earnings. It’s impossible to develop your business within society and ignore the main problems of this society. The CEO of Royal DSM has perfectly summarized that saying, “Nobody can be successful in a world that fails.”

If you choose to work towards an SDG goal and commit to respective sustainability reporting, it will:

  • How much energy is required to get the materials, create the product, and transport it to retail outlets?
  • increase the reputation of your company among current and potential clients

  • help attract investors

  • help you adopt more energy-efficient practices and minimise expenditures of your SME

  • allow attracting young talent who are paying much attention to how ecological the brand and its culture is.

Can an SME Cope With Tackling Global Goals?

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There is a common misconception that your company has to solve all the global problems at once. However, the real situation differs. You are not obliged to pursue all the GSGs at once.

Your company can choose one goal which matches your ideology, your vision, and the mission of your company.

It’s better to invest money, time, and efforts in projects, which are tightly bound with your business. If you want to make this world more comfortable for people with disabilities, you should choose the goal to reduce inequalities. If you want to reduce irresponsible consumption, you can choose this way to promote sustainable development too.

A good example here is the so-called Business Avengers campaign that united 17 companies, Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Nike, Google, MasterCard, and other famous companies among them. Each corporation committed to one specific sustainable development goal, setting the right example and inspiring more SMEs to lean in.

It is important to understand that SDGs are not legally binding neither for countries nor for companies that choose to take action. Nonetheless, most countries have established a national framework for achieving the goals and assumed responsibility to review and follow-up on the national and global levels concerning the progress in implementations of the goals and targets.

Thus, when choosing the goal to commit to, the company should investigate not only the UN perspective, but also the initiatives adopted on the regional and national levels. This will help to align your corporate actions to the primary needs of your nation.

Another good idea is to survey your stakeholders so determine what values and achievement of what goals they prioritize. This way, you will manage to stay responsive to stakeholders’ views in your efforts towards sustainable development.

Professional sustainable development courses from SustainOnline can explain to you how to understand and work towards the goal you have selected. Click here to get education for the whole team.

Final Words

It’s impossible to develop your business within society and ignore global problems. Committing to SDGs is a great way to improve your company, increase earnings, and make this world a better place!

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