Profiting From Sustainable Businesses: An ACADEMY Theme


The world is becoming more complex, resource-constrained, and fast-paced. Consumers prefer products and services that do not harm people or the environment. Therefore, companies cannot afford not to be sustainable. By fully integrating best practices in sustainability, companies minimize risks, increase operational efficiency and employee engagement, and improve reputation.

Businesses that work towards being fully sustainable often find that there are several benefits. Every CFO would be happy to find reduced energy bills, every HR Manager will be happy with more productive coworkers, and every PR Director surrounded with only happy press and news coverage. Profiting from sustainable businesses have many well-documented examples. However other benefits still exist beyond.

Learning about Profiting from Sustainable Businesses includes:

  • The Business Case for Sustainability – Learn how sustainability drives competitive advantage by minimizing risks, optimizing operational costs, improving reputation and engaging employees.

  • Reducing Operational Costs – Integrating sustainability into business through better management of people, resources, and waste leads to cost reductions.

  • Managing Risk – Social and environmental risks can impact a business’ license to operate, affect its reputation, disrupt supply chains, among others. Learn the benefits of a proactive approach.

  • Managing Reputation – Good reputation is an asset for any organization. Sustainability excellence adds value to stakeholders and impacts their perceptions about the company.

  • Attracting and Retaining Talents – Companies with strong sustainability practices are proven to have better morale, higher loyalty rates, and superior staff productivity.

  • Fosters Innovation with ECO-STAR – Learn and apply ECO-STAR, a tool that helps teams build and sharpen the value proposition of projects, methods, ideas, and inventions.

Profiting from Sustainable Business highlights many important factors required for the ultimate success of any modern-day business.


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