Sustainable Lifestyles: An ACADEMY Theme


In the face of challenges ahead, the need for transitioning to more sustainable lifestyles have become increasingly urgent. These courses explain what sustainable lifestyles are and why they are needed, as well as how new perspectives can be developed and how the process of adopting lifestyle changes can begin.

Do you think that recycling your waste and driving a hybrid vehicle makes you more sustainable than others? Perhaps you’ve traded in the hybrid for a bicycle or public transportation? It’s important to know that one or two actions don’t entirely define the success of an action. This is because there are systems beyond systems that exist behind what we see.

The comparisons of a sustainable lifestyle aren’t clearly defined, as there isn’t one single way to describe one. As with everything in life, there isn’t a one-way answer to achieve success in a sustainable lifestyle.  That said, different criteria help guide us in the right direction.

In this theme, we cover:

  • What is a Sustainable Lifestyle? – There is no single way to live sustainable, but some criteria exist.

  • Inner Transition – Change leading to sustainable lifestyles can come from both outside sources and from within us, in the form of an inner transition.

  • Sustainable Consumption – Globally, we consume resources and energy at unsustainable levels. This course introduces what sustainable consumption might look like in practice.

  • Personal Consumption – Many aspects of our lifestyles are shaped by our consumption patterns. Evaluating consumption behavior in everyday life can lead to more sustainable outcomes.

  • The Challenges Ahead – An overview of the most prominent challenges to global sustainability that are directly influenced by our lifestyles and how we can begin to address them.

  • Socially Sustainable Lifestyle – Explore how trust, well-being, and the five social sustainability principles are important in our lifestyles.

  • Personal Roadmap – Develop a roadmap by understanding your current lifestyle, constructing a vision of a more sustainable lifestyle, and planning concrete steps for making that vision.

Achieving a fully sustainable lifestyle may never be possible but making a more sustainable lifestyle is. That’s where Sustainable Lifestyles can help.


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