Sustainable Workplaces: An ACADEMY Theme


No matter where we work, how we work has a relationship with sustainability. These courses help define this relationship and connect it to global sustainability and the changes that need to be made in our workplaces to achieve it.

Ever wonder why some companies have a high turnover rate? Or why a global resource shortage can cause so much stress across an entire organization?  Making sure your workplace is a sustainable workplace can reduce these problems.

By engaging leadership towards leading, and not strictly managing, workplaces find that employees become more engaged. And when that leadership comes to the employees with a problem, such as how to reduce energy use or increase cost savings through better procurement policies, they’ll often hear ideas and suggestions they never would have thought of. Additionally, employees will feel more appreciated and engaged, thus reducing turnover.

Sustainable Workplaces includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Workplaces – Find out what we mean by workplaces, how they can change, and what level of ambition we can aspire to.

  • Leadership and Engagement – Sustainability is implemented by leaders: Do you have what it takes to engage the workplace?

  • Global Problems and the Workplace – Discover how what we do at work relates to global problems.

  • Big Shifts for Ecological Sustainability – What Big Shifts need to happen in the workplace to act on ecology?

  • Big Shifts for Social Sustainability – What Big Shifts need to happen in the workplace to act on society?

What major changes can be made in your workplace? Sustainable Workplaces is a theme designed to help transition organizations into better corporate citizens.


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