The Sustainability Journey: An ACADEMY Theme


We live in exciting times when big changes are happening all across the world for a shift towards a sustainable and thriving society. Discover why we need to act, where we need to head, how we can get there, and how you can be part of The Sustainability Journey.

It’s easy to think that what was a staple way of doing things in the past can still be done today, however, this is no longer the case. As the human population is continually increasing, there is continued stress on our natural resources. As our world continues to move into one of the most globalized economies ever known to man, these stresses on our global natural resources aren’t always seen directly by the consumer as they would have a few generations ago. Fossil fuels, for example, were used as a key energy source during the industrialization of western society. However, their demand has only grown with the human population, while global availability can only go down.

The time has never been greater to change society by acting on a more responsible sustainability journey. This is especially in terms of the development of our future societies, where resources like fossil fuels, won’t exist and alternative methods will be required.  But how to get to a sustainable society can be a complex process. That’s where The Sustainability Journey begins, laying concrete foundations on how to define sustainability, the benefits of working with sustainability, and how/where to get started.

The Sustainability Journey includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to The Sustainability Journey – Sustainable development can be described as a journey that will solve the greatest challenges. Embark on a journey towards creating a society that is in harmony with nature.

  • Benefiting from Sustainability – Discover what business, communities, and individuals can gain by acting on sustainability

  • Defining Sustainability – Sustainability can be defined in a number of ways, but all definitions comply with ecological and social principles.

  • Paths to Sustainability – Find what smart pathways we can take to move towards sustainability.

  • How to Think about The Sustainability Journey – From the plantation to the cup – uncover the sustainability principles in the lifecycle of coffee

  • Quiz on The Sustainability Journey – How much did you get from the five-part introductory courses to sustainable development?

By the end of this theme, you will have a new way of thinking, defining, and working with sustainability. This will help with changing our current ways of The Sustainability Journey. After all, the best type of change is the type that involves you.


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