Understanding Sustainability: An ACADEMY Theme


Understand what sustainability means and why we must aim towards it. Establish a shared language and an understanding of sustainability. This makes it easier for you and your colleagues to collaborate on this topic.

Perhaps you think sustainability is an easy solution for people to implement, applying simple rules like recycling, planting trees, and using public transportation. Perhaps you are confused by sustainability, with unclear definitions and confusing timelines of when a change needs to happen.

The truth is that sustainability is a relatively new science that is still trying to be fully understood, with continued pressures rushing scientists to further explore humanities impacts on earth at extreme rates. This is why we created the theme “Understanding Sustainability”, to help establish a foundation of the basics of sustainability. This begins the creation of a common language, allowing everyone to understand the basics of sustainability and help people understand what sustainability is.

Understanding Sustainability includes the following courses:

  • How Much Sustainability is Enough? – Explore how far we need to go when working with sustainability.

  • Time to Act! – You have an important role to play.

  • Why Care About Sustainability? A Changing World – Look at the different perspectives on what is changing around us and why it matters.

  • Why Care About Sustainability? You Decide! – Find out what motivates you to care about sustainability.

  • A History of Earth – It took Earth 4.5 billion years to become the lush planet that is today. What path will we take to ensure its sustainable future?

  • Inventing the Future – The method that helps you create a sustainable future.

  • Three Rules to Save the Planet – Discover the nature of our environmental problems and how we approach them.

  • Social Sustainability Principles – The five universal, science-based social sustainability principles.

  • Using the Planetary Rulebook – tips and good reasons to make use of the three environmental sustainability principles.

  • Big Shifts – The key transitions needed to go from ‘unsustainable’ to ‘sustainable’.

By the end of this theme, you will understand eight scientifically-proven sustainability principles to frame the definition of sustainability, the need to change our actions to be sustainable, and the importance of addressing the needs of the future today.


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