MicroLearning Platform for Businesses

Sustainable development starts with willingness to learn. The key to creating a vibrant and sustainable company is to find ways to get all employees—from top executives to on field/ground associates —personally engaged in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts. SustainOnline is that way.

  • 50% more engagement increase for the learners with SustainOnline’s micro-courses
  • With SustainOnline, companies save 90% employee time compared to in-person learning for a fraction of the cost
  • SustainOnline, the most affordable solution on the market. Starting from 1 Euro per user / month, and free of charge for students
2 ways to access the platform, either

SustainOnline provides an excellent solution for a great sustainability awareness and training program. It offers a really extended list of interesting and captivating short courses, covering all dimensions of environment and sustainability; all in an easy to use platform and an effective learning management system.

Antonio Giacomucci

[Group Head of Environment at ABB]

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