Frequently asked Questions


Frequently asked Questions

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What is SustainOnline?

SustainOnline is a sustainability platform designed to support transitional change in organizations to operate in a more sustainable manner while increasing profit, employee engagement, and innovation. SustainOnline allows employees to log in and learn new ways of thinking and doing with helpful analytics to track success.

SustainOnline is for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations, and other organizations that seek guidance and knowledge about sustainability and change management in one place.

SustainOnline recognizes what sustainability advisors have been saying for years: sustainability requires everyone to be involved in order for it to work effectively. Our SaaS platform is designed for all levels of every organization – from the CEO to the factory floor, the farmer to the consumer.

Want to help spread the word of SustainOnline? Becoming a partner to help spread SustainOnline is a pretty simple process. Once the necessary information is completed, all sales through your organization earn you 30% commission.


Enter your contact information and you’ll be sent an email with access to the demonstration portal for 7 days. After 7 days, your login will expire.

Yes! We don’t charge anything for the free 7 day demonstration

After 7 days, your demo period has expired. You can then choose to purchase SustainOnline or request a live demonstration for the full platform.

With the 7 day free demo, no data about your use is stored. We do hold on to the data that was filled in when you requested the demonstration (contact information). Info on our privacy policy is located here.


Companies can pay for SustainOnline via credit card, or larger companies automatically will be offered invoicing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

One license per employee is recommended for use on SustainOnline. When you purchase you select the number of licenses required by your organization.

SustaiinOnline is billed annually when paid for by credit card and most invoicing. Larger purchases may pay monthly by invoice, in accordance to the purchase agreement

If someone leaves your organization, you can delete their profile and remove their data from the system.

Our pricing model has been built based on inclusivity. Thus, our basic fee is 1 Euro per employee per month (12 month commitment), allowing any company or organization, no matter the size, to acquire the right resources. For larger organizations there is a flexible pricing model available, please contact us to learn more.

Additionally, taxes may be applied based upon your location.


The SuperAdmin (Super Administrator) is the main person in charge of your organization. The SuperAdmin is in charge of setting up the organizations structure, inviting and removing employees, and delegating levels of control for Administrators and Managers. Traditionally, there are only one or two SuperAdmins per account. SuperAdmins can also manage the everyday User, and have all privileges that Administrators and Managers have.

Everyone on SustainOnline is a user. Users have access to all of the basic functions of SustainOnline, including access to Academy, Tools and Insights.

These are Users who have administrative priveleges, allowing them to invite and remove other users, send group messages, publish reports, and other tasks. This position may, but does not have to, belong to office administrator positions.

These are Users who will be able to closely follow the status and progress of their part of the organization. This does not necessarily imply that they are a Manager in your organization, but do have additional abilities in SustainOnline.


If someone leaves your organization, you can delete their profile and remove their data from the system.

Courses are anywhere between 2-12 minutes.


Tools provide actions and information based on the input that is entered. Tools can be saved as drafts, or completed for final results.


Insights track and monitor use, providing analytics based on information from Academy and Tools.

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