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SustainOnline is a Corporate Sustainability Solution (CSS), designed to help your organization work through sustainability.

Academy, Tools & Insights: three parts to make sustainability easy

Based on 30 years of experience and scientific research, our experts have curated content for a smooth learning journey.

The SustainOnline platform was built for everyone in all levels of every organization, which is why we made it so affordable. Because doing business differently is an all-in effort. 

“Strategies associated with sustainability are a great engine for companies’ success. It is not a sacrifice, it is actually an advantage.

And if they are smart about it, they can make 50 to 80% more profit.”

Bob Willard, leading expert on corporate sustainability strategies

The Team

We are here to change, educate, and create value for organizations.

Martin Malmros

CEO, Partner, Senior Advisor

Martin has over 25 years of experience in global business development and leadership. 

He has worked with The Natural Step methodology for a long time, especially in his position as CEO of Auralight. 

Martin will give you the support needed and the right contacts in the organization.

Peder Engdahl

Deputy CEO and Partner


Peder has over 25 years of experience in his own consulting business and mergers and acquisitions. 

For the past 10 years, Peder has been working on establishing partner networks and subsidiaries in Sweden, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South and North America for Swedish companies. 

Peder is co-founder and co-owner.

Outi Ugas

VP Reporting SustainOnline, Senior Sustainability Advisor

With over 15 years of experience in service design, environmental footprinting and business development stemming from an academic background within cognitive science – Outi has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

As chairperson for The Natural Step and UX designer for SustainOnline, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of sustainability integration.

Daisuke Ishikawa

VP Sales BCon, Japan

Mr. Daisuke holds a position as Sales Director at Business Consultants in Japan.

BCon hilds 8.2% of the shares in Sustain In Time Global and is sales partner to SustainOnline in Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, and South East Asia.

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Companies need to find ways of evolving quickly enough to make sustainability into an integrated part of their plans, strategies, processes, products and services.

SustainOnline is working with some big players in sustainability. Join us!

"We are about creating an inclusive values-based economy. The aim is to maximize investment flows into sustainability initiatives by highlighting the benefits of triple bottom line investing."
TBLI Group

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