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Establishing a Common & Shared Language

SustainOnline Academy has multiple purposes, but it’s largest is to establish a common and shared language. This allows everyone to have a similar understanding. We’ve built our courses around scientifically proven data and its value towards global initiatives. 

Our Academy covers many different topics, including: 
•The Sustainability Journey
•Understanding Sustainability
•The Sustainable Development Goals
•Change and Transformation
•From Linear to Circular
•From Waste to Resources
•Sustainable Buildings, Workplaces, Lifestyles
•& more! 

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Enterprise Pricing

Looking for services beyond our online SaaS platform? Institutions can submit a quote for specialized pricing, including: 

•Private server installation
•Bulk-rate pricing
•Specialized course production
•Single-sign on
•& more! 

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1FOR1 Grant Program

Organizations working towards humanitarian or ecological causes with sustainability at their core purpose can apply for access to 1FOR1, our grant program. 

For every license sold, we match it in our 1FOR1 program, allowing us to donate licenses. From time to time, we share the stories of those who receive licenses given by 1FOR1. Read about them in News>>>.

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